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Hen Combo Offers


We combined some of our most popular activities all of which can be held in the same venue so there is no need to have to move to another venue. Both activities of your choice can be booked back to back or with a gap between each activity to suit should you wish to have lunch or even check out the city and then come back later on for another activity. Not only do you and the girls get to enjoy 2 of out fabulous activities but we also offer a saving of £5pp so its great for hens looking to stay within budget!

Crafty Combo
cock combo.jpg

Cock Combo £50pp


We’ve combined our 2 most popular activities Life Drawing and Cocktail Making. Start off with one of our legendary artist led life drawing classes with our super hot male models. The life drawing is always done before the cocktails for obvious reasons and ideally the best time for the life drawing class is late morning/early afternoon. Once the life drawing activity that is 1.5 hours long is complete you can either move on to cocktail class straight away so the 2 activities are done back to back or you can book a later start time of 4pm, 5pm or 6pm to come and do the cocktail class before you hit the town. Having a gap between activities can work well should you have anything else booked or just wish to get some lunch in-between. You will need to allow 3.5 hours for this activity as the life drawing is 1.5 hours long and the cocktail class 2 hours long.

Crafty Combo £55


We’ve combined our 2 most popular craft activities Life Drawing and Flower Crowns. Led by our own in house creative this combo offer is perfect for creative hens looking for something a little different from the usual hen night activities. We start off with the flower crown workshop which is 2 hours long and an ideal late morning/early afternoon activity. We then usually recommend going straight into the life drawing after the flower crowns for the ultimate surprise for the hen. After doing one of our more tame craft workshops the life drawing with the cheeky nudity gives a much welcome surprise for the hen and the 2 activities work really well together! You will need to allow 3.5 hours for this combo activity as the flower crown workshop is 2 hours long and the life drawing 1.5 hours long. 

Cock Combo
Cosmos and Crowns.jpg

Cosmos and Crowns £60pp


These are 2 of our activities that also pair really well together. A lovely craft activity late morning/early afternoon with our flower crown workshop followed by our cocktail class. Once the girls have made some beautiful flower crowns these can be worn whilst shaking up some cocktail behind the bar with our resident cocktail bartender. Lots of fun after working up a thirst making the crowns and the pictures look fabulous of the girls wearing their creations whilst shaking up the cocktails. You will need to allow 4 hours for these activity as they require 2 hours per activity. 

Cosmo and Crowns
Cosmos, Crowns & Cocks.jpg

Cosmos, Crowns & Cocks £75pp


Struggling to decide which of our most popular activities to book? Then why not book all 3 of our most popular activities and make a day of it? Not only is it super easy having all 3 activities held in the same city centre venue but you are also saving £15pp when booking all 3 together as opposed to separate activities. if booking a Saturday we would run the flower crown workshop first ideally late morning/early afternoon, followed by the life drawing class and the cocktail class to finish. You will need to allow 6 hours for all 3 activities so this is for groups that want to make a day of it or are happy to split activities over a Friday/Saturday/Sunday.

Please note our combo offers are only available when held in our city centre centre venues and combo offers do not apply to activities held off site in your own accommodation. Saturday days do get fully booked very quickly so its advisable to get your activities booked asap to secure preferred dates and times! If you are able to book activities for Fridays and/or Sundays there is a lot more availability due to these days being less popular with groups.

Cosmo crowns and cocks
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